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We bring you the latest advancements in motorized wheelchair Malaysia. With our cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation, we empower individuals with limited mobility to embrace independence and explore new possibilities.


S-Ergo Seating System

Globally patented in many countries. The S-Ergo Seating System provides the wheelchair user with basic pressure relief by increasing the total contact surface area to provide optimal pressure redistribution. 

AEGIS Microbe Shield

AEGIS® is a protective anti-microbial coating that inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, eliminates odour, and is designed for easy cleaning. Perfectly designed for hot and humid climates and everday use!


Push & Pull Brake System

The innovative attendent brakes allow the caregiver access to the parking brake without having to continuously lean forward. Just push the attendant brakes to park the chair, and pull to unlock.

Lithium Battery

Make travel easier with one of the lightest batteries on the market! A Lithium battery is in compliance with UN38.3 regulation, which allows for easy travel overseas with your electric wheelchair! 

Gyro Technology

The gyro ensures that when the user is driving over rough terrain or at high speed, the wheelchair will still travel in the direction that the joystick is pointing.




According to KARMA’s therapist, sitting in a wheelchair as short as 1 hour without pressure relief, can cause pressure injury. That is why we use tilt-in-space and recline technology to prevent unnecessary injuries from happening.


The Benefits Of Automatic Wheelchair Malaysia

Our range of motorised wheelchairs combines state-of-the-art engineering with ergonomic design, ensuring unparalleled comfort and functionality. As a leading provider of motorized wheelchair Malaysia, Karma Technology understands the diverse needs of our customers, offering a selection of automatic wheelchair Malaysia models to suit various lifestyles and preferences. Whether you seek a compact and agile motorised wheelchair Malaysia for indoor maneuverability or a robust and rugged option for outdoor adventures, our range has you covered.


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