3 Wheelchair Functions That Caregivers Over 50 Should Have


1. Light Weight

2. Comfortable Seating

3. Push and Park Brake

Looking after an elderly wheelchair user will come with its own set of challenges however, being a caregiver over the age of 50 on top of that can bring even bigger challenges! We have put together some information on how to look after a wheelchair user as an elderly caregiver over the age of 50. 

Choose a lightweight wheelchair

There is no best wheelchair, but the most suitable one. In general, we suggest the family choose a wheelchair based on the patient’s body condition. However, if the caregiver itself is over 50 years old, then it is important to have a quality lightweight wheelchair

“KARMA therapists recommend that our caregivers do not carry objects weighing more than 10 KG (above shoulder height). If elderly or female caregivers repeatedly carry objects weighing over 10 KG, they risk suffering from back pain!”

– CHAI WEI CHEN, Physio Therapist, ATP

Besides being lightweight, you also need to make sure to choose a wheelchair that is designed to be compact and smooth to fold. In general, elderly caregivers do not have the same muscle strength and bone density as younger people. This is why elderly caregivers especially, need to make sure they are using minimum strength when taking care of their loved ones. 

Weighing less than 10 KG, KARMA’s Ergo Lite is a foldable, lightweight wheelchair ideal for those with elderly caregivers. Source: KARMA Medical

Additional lightweight wheelchair functions

The light weight means that Ergo Lite can be easily folded and lifted into the trunk of a car or stored away by an elderly caregiver. The patented S-Ergo seating provides basic pressure relief for the elderly user to sit in the wheelchair for longer to give the caregiver some peace of mind. 

The PnP brake is convenient for the elderly caregiver when parking the wheelchair. Instead of bending down to park the wheelchair, they can operate the brakes from the push handles! Repeatedly bending down to park the wheelchair can also contribute cause the elderly caregiver back pain. 

We’re here to help

Choosing a suitable wheelchair for the elderly when the caregiver is also elderly doesn’t have to be difficult. Ergo Lite is lightweight, easy to transport and store, and even easier to use. KARMA Malaysia is always here to assist. Talk to a KARMA representative today! 

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