How to Prevent Elderly Wheelchair Users, Who Can’t Walk or Sit Independently, Heads From Dropping


The final part of how to prevent wheelchair user’s from dropping their head is here! Depending on which group your elderly relative belongs to will help you better understand how to care for them. The first two groups were “can’t walk fast or far” and “can’t walk but can sit independently”. 

The final group of users cannot walk, cannot sit steadily, have poor balance, and therefore need specialized functions and wheelchair accessories to help them sit firmly. 

The Benefits of a Tilting Manual Wheelchair 

A Tilt-in-Space wheelchair shifts the user’s body weight from their hips to their back, releasing the pressure on the buttocks. A tilting wheelchair only changes the angle of the seat surface, so is suitable for elderly users who are more prone to sliding or leaning out of the wheelchair. 

 VIP515 provides the user with ultimate comfort. Source: KARMA Medical YouTube: VIP515

The Benefits of a Reclining Manual Wheelchair

A reclining wheelchair opens up the angle between the seat surface and back cushion. This function allows the elderly user to stretch and rest in the wheelchair. If the user has a good physical condition and wants to be able to lie on their back, then a wheelchair with the ability to recline is ideal. 

 In one swift movement, VIP2 users can be relaxing no matter where they are. Source: KARMA Medical YouTube: VIP 2

Three Panel Adjustable Headrest 

Typically this group of elders has little to no self head support so a headrest with high adjustability is imperative. This headrest can be adjusted to any angle and the curve of the headrest can also be altered to suit the user

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For users who cannot walk or sit up independently, a positioning wheelchair is a must to prevent the user from experiencing pressure sores or scoliosis. 

In conclusion, there is no one wheelchair for elderly users but rather a list of things to consider when purchasing a wheelchair. Ensuring that the wheelchair fits the user will guarantee a longer life for the user and wheelchair. 

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