The Best Lightweight Wheelchair to Rent for Travel in Malaysia


The best wheelchair for travel should be: 

1. Rent a lightweight wheelchair

Traveling with a lightweight wheelchair is easier and freer! The user will be able to travel with their family, visit a friend, or go to the hospital for medical checkups. A lightweight wheelchair can fit into the car trunk easily. Those users with heavier wheelchairs often feel discouraged to even leave their homes. 

2. Easy to transfer in and out of the wheelchair

Wheelchair’s with convenient transfers in and out of the chair will make day to day use of the lightweight wheelchair easier. Features that are able to be unscrewed or flipped up such as the armrest and footrest will make getting close to the bed effortless and safe. 

3. A compact size to make storage and transportation easier

Traveling with a wheelchair will be more convenient if it can be folded up and stored in the trunk of a car. A foldable wheelchair can also be stored conveniently at home. 

Ergo Lite weighs just 8.5 KG and is therefore ideal for elderly caregivers because its lightweight makes it easy to lift into a car trunk.

4. Ergonic design

If the elderly wheelchair user has to use the wheelchair for long stretches of time, then the design of the seat is very important. The S-Ergo seating system is patented globally by KARMA Medical. The S-shaped seat will prevent pressure sores and promote better posture. These two things will make the user more comfortable if they have to sit for a long time. 

Why should you rent a lightweight wheelchair to travel with?

The first thing to consider when deciding whether or not you should rent a lightweight wheelchair is to consider if the caregiver is elderly and if the elderly wheelchair user can propel themselves. 

If the user only needs a wheelchair short bursts of time then they are not likely to be propelling it themselves. If the carer is also elderly then a lightweight wheelchair is suitable for both the user and carer.

We recommend Ergo Lite for the elderly user and caregiver who needs a wheelchair for short trips. Source: KARMA Medical Global

We’re here to help

Renting a lightweight wheelchair is a good option to explore before purchasing a wheelchair. In Malaysia, it is not common practice, however, wheelchair users can look online to find a trusted pharmacy, rehabilitation shop, or wheelchair supplier to rent a wheelchair at a reasonable price. 

Renting a wheelchair will give you the freedom to travel wherever you want. Lightweight wheelchairs are particularly comfortable, easy to store, and easy to use. KARMA Malaysia is always here to assist. Talk to a KARMA representative today! 

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