In response to the knowledge learning needs of caregivers and users during the epidemic prevention period, we specifically invited therapists with years of wheelchair adaptation experience to join hands to jointly open an online wheelchair care course to share many methods and skills nursing, for everyone can not easily get out, as long as you connect to the Internet via mobile phone, you can absorb the knowledge of care you need at any time.

How to Choose a Suitable Wheelchair?

8/26(Thursday) 15:00~16:00

Sum Siew Ngo – Product Specialist


Course Content
  1. Kerusi roda merupakan alat bantuan pergerakan untuk seseorang individu yang tidak mampu berjalan akibat penyakit, kecederaan dan amputasi.
  2. Ajar anda cara memilih kerusi roda yang sesuai untuk pengguna dan pengasuh.
  3. Kerusi roda yang sesuai dapat mengurangkan risiko kecederaan setelah pengguna menggunakan kerusi roda.

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AUG (MY) How to Choose a Suitable Wheelchair?
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