3 Signs That It Might Be Time To Upgrade From a Walker to a Power Wheelchair

Making the decision to upgrade from a walker to a power wheelchair can be daunting but here at KARMA Medical Malaysia, we are here to help you see the signs that it might be time to make the upgrade.

As we age, we start to sacrifice a lot of our independence and this can come in many shapes and forms. A power wheelchair might feel like a loss of independence, but it is actually the complete opposite and can help improve your health, reduce pain, and allow you to see more of the world.

1. You are in pain when you move

If it hurts when you move then it might be time to upgrade to wheelchair. 

Experiencing pain when you move is not a nice experience and as we age, aches and pains can leave you feeling defeated. If the pain you experience is stopping you from completing everyday tasks such as walking to the shop or spending time with loved ones, it might be time to invest in powered mobility.

Usually, if you are in pain when you move a doctor will recommend making the switch from a walker to a manual wheelchair or power wheelchair. If they do recommend this change, it is important to seriously consider making these lifestyle changes as it will benefit your health, mobility, and reduce any pain that you may be experiencing.

The lightweight wheelchairs and power wheelchairs available here at KARMA Medical Malaysia are designed with you in mind. You can find lightweight folding wheelchair options that can fit into your car with ease.

2. You are not stable on your walker or frame

If your mobility issues are causing you to feel unstable and fragile whilst on your feet, it is best to consider ditching your walker and moving to a more secure option.

A walker can offer some initial support for those who struggle to move around their home but as time progresses you might find that it is difficult to lift yourself up into a position where using the walker.

With a manual wheelchair or power wheelchair, you can easily move around your home and gain your independence back. Having a power wheelchair or lightweight wheelchair means that you can go to the shop and your friends and family won’t have to worry about your safety. This provides peace of mind for your family to ensure that you won’t fall or injure yourself whilst on the move.

3. You can’t get far with your walker

KARMA Medical Malaysia has power wheelchairs that you use both outdoors as well as indoors.

You might rely on a walker to get around and to complete jobs such as shopping, making food, or getting from A to B. One sign that it might be time to upgrade from a walker to a wheelchair is that you can’t travel as far with your walker as you could when you first got it.

Not being able to get as far with your walker as you once could is a sign that your mobility issues could be getting worse. With a power wheelchair or a lightweight wheelchair, your mobility will be increased and you will feel like you have gained more independence. A power wheelchair will allow you the option of traveling further distances and will give you a sense of freedom that you thought you might have lost.

How to switch from your walker to a wheelchair

Moving from your walker or frame to a wheelchair doesn’t have to be an immediate change. You can gradually make the transition from one to the other over time and depend on both mobility devices. You can choose depending on the task that you are completing. For longer journeys out of your home, you might want to take your power wheelchair to help you overcome steep inclines, long paths, or uneven roads. Whereas, around your home, you might want to continue to use your frame.

We’re here to help

The range of lightweight wheelchairs and power wheelchairs available from KARMA Medical Malaysia includes easy-to-store options that don’t take up lots of space. This makes them the ideal choice to store at home until you are ready. We even have a range of folding electric wheelchairs available for you to explore. KARMA Malaysia is always here to assist. Talk to a KARMA representative today! 

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