The Benefits of a Reclining and Tilting Wheelchair

reclining and tilting wheelchair


Most people won’t experience the problem of bedsores or pressure sores. However, people who are bedridden, wheelchair users, or those with physical disabilities are more likely to experience bed sores becayse they spend long stretches of time in the same position. This consistent pressure can cause the skin to become inflamed, red, and denies the skin cells of oxygen.

To counter this probliem, wheelchair users can choose a reclining or tiling wheelchair that is specially designed to prevent skin damage to the user. In this blog, we are going to talk through the benefits of a reclining and tilt-in-space wheelchair. 


Reclining and Titling Wheelchair Series in Malaysia:


Reclining Wheelchair

A reclining wheelchair will transform the user from a sitting position to an almost lying down position. The change of position reduces pressure on the buttocks and allows the user to take a break from sitting in the same position. A reclining wheelchair is also great for wheelchair users with elderly caregivers as gravity does most of the work. 

The reclining action of the wheelchair allows wheelchair user’s to rest in their wheelchair as well as relieve any pressure on the buttocks.


Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

The biggest difference between a tilting and reclining wheelchair is that the reclining wheelchair will alter the posture of the body. If the user can NOT sit up straight independently, they might slide down the chair or lean to one side when lying down. 

A Tilt-in-Space wheelchair does not alter the angle of the user’s body. Instead of a reclining action, the whole chair tilts back with the user remaining in the sitting up position. This actions relieves pressure on the hips and transfers it to a larger surface area (the back). 

When the user is returned to an upright position, they don’t need to be readjusted as they are already in the correct sitting position. This helps to reduce pressure sores and back pain.

VIP 515 is the only tilting wheelchair on the market that is foldable. 

        A very popular Tilt-in-Space wheelchair in Malaysia is the KARMA VIP 515. VIP 515 is the only foldable Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs on the market. This means that elderly wheelchair user’s who need to change their sitting angle when they are out and about can enjoy comfort and stability. The ablilty to change position will decrease the chance of pressure building on in one area and causing pressure sores.

VIP 2 is a 2-in-1 wheelchair with both the reclining and tilting functions. 

Using reclining and Tilt-in-Space functions will help protect the user from the threat of pressure ulcers and bedsores. Using a manual or power wheelchair to adjust the user’s position to provide relief, improve the user’s comfort, ability to relax, and improve their overall health.

A combination of both these features; reclining and tilting, give the user the choice of more positions to change to. A combination of these features also makes life for elderly carers easier as they can spend less time and effort adjusting the user’s sitting position. 


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The Benefits of a Reclining and Tilting Wheelchair

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