Tips for Getting a Wheelchair That Is Good Quality and Price in Malaysia

Before you buy your wheelchair, be sure to read this! 

It’s important to know what to look for when you are looking into investing in a wheelchair that you are going to rely on to get around day to day. We’ll take you through step by step of what to look for when assessing if your chair is good quality!

How did the wheelchair look when it arrived?

This is going to be your first encounter with a product that you’ve invested your money in so you expect the box that it comes in to meet your expectations. 

When you receive your wheelchair, take your time to unpack your investment! Source:@mobilityscotlandltd unpacking KARMA wheelchairs. 

The majority of KARMA wheelchairs are manufactued in Taiwan so they need to be transported to Malaysia. It’s safe to say that the chairs should come well protected to withstand the journey from the manufactuerer to the hands of the customer. 

If it is well packaged then it means that the company cares about its product. Another important point is that the product information (product name, model, seat width, front, and rear-wheel size, color style, etc.) on the box must be detailed and clear, which means that the factory is on top of keeping track of their inventory. 

The brand name of the wheelchair manufacturer should also be clear so at a glance you know you have received the correct item. Taking time to care about not only the wheelchair itself but also the packaging shows the user that the manufacturer really cares about their product. 

What safety precautions has the manufacter taken?

The first thing to do after unboxing is to find the user manual and look at the safety instruction page. There could be guidelines about how to sept up your chair that will pertain to your own safety. 

At KARMA, we have taken special measures to ensure that our chairs are constructed to the highest quality and crash tested to ensure the safety of our customers. 

Some counties do not require the wheelchair to pass any safety checks, however, in Malaysia, suppliers selling the medical devices must be registered and have a license with the Medical Device Authority (MDA)Karma Mobility Malaysia is licensed in accordance with the MDA to sell manual and electric wheelchairs.

In addition, KARMA wheelchairs have been certified with ISO13458-2016 which is the international Medical Equipment Quality Management System that medical devices are required to pass in order to be sold in Europe and the USA. 

Is the product visually appealing?

In addition to the wheelchair functions, the design of the wheelchair is actually a big selling point. Families will often come to the store to choose a wheelchair for their elderly family member. They especially like to choose bright coloured wheelchairs for the elderly user so grandpa can look more lively! And why not? You are investing in a wheelchair that you are going to spend a lot of time in, so it’s important that it looks nice!

Lastly, here are some final check points for you to consider looking at when you receive your chair:

  • Whether the connections points and accessories of the wheelchair frame are tight and not loose.
  • Whether any connecting screw protrudes too long and needs are protected by the screw cap.
  • Whether the finish of the surface has no sharp edges.
  • Whether the surface coating is smooth and even, with a uniform color 


We’re here to help

Finding a good quality wheelchair can seem daunting at first, but if you apply our tips and do your homework, we’re confident you’ll invest in the right one.  In the next blog, we will show you how you can test for yourself if a wheelchair is good quality or not.

KARMA Malaysia is always here to assist you in choosing the perfect wheelchair. Talk to a KARMA representative today! 

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