【KP-40】Have a look here! Karma’s KP-40 is helping me plant the seeds of my life

The KP-40 that I am sitting on in the picture is my third electric wheelchair made by Karma. For me, wheelchair is like a part of my body. It is my legs and I can’t go anywhere without it.

Yunlin Lin is a city which specializes in agriculture. One day I went to Ms. Shu’s house to help her plant some vegetables, and all of a sudden I had this idea: Why not host an event where everyone can learn to grow corn crops?

I gathered a few of my colleagues.  We made preparations in October and on the 10th of November we plowed through the fields with our exclusive “Karma Fleet”. We used our wheelchairs to mark out the distances needed between the crops, and we proudly planted down the first seed.

Corns can be purchased in almost every food market, but the process of growing it yourself brings a whole new feeling. It has also brought disable people like myself a thing called “hope. Seeing that we are able to produce crops on our own made us feel we are no longer a burden to our families. With our Karma made wheelchairs, we look forward to a better future!


Yunlin, Taiwan
Mr. Li
2008 /12

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