How To Get Wheelchair Funding in Malaysia Through Government Agencies

  1. Patients must have a prescription from a Specialist Doctor from a government hospital only. If the prescription is written by a Medical Assistant or Medical Officer, the application will be declined. In the prescription, the Specialist Doctor must include medical records and state the reason why the patient needs a wheelchair. Also included must be at least 3 quotes from different companies. 
  2. The completed application will then be sent to Jabatan Kerja Sosial & Perubatan (JKSP).
  3. The JKSP officer will go through the application and will send out letter of application to respective Government Offices, ie. Perkeso, Government Sector of respective department, Employees, Jabatan Hal Ehwal Veteran (JHEV), Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM), etc.
  4. The respective departments will go through the application and interview the applicant.
  5. If the application is successful, a PO will be issued to the company. If the application is successful from the government sector, it will go through e-Perolehan, and they will request for another quote from the registered vendors. The vendors will be notified if their quotes are selected and LO will be issued in the e-Perolehan portal.
  6. The wheelchair will be prescribed directly to the patient. Sometimes, the prescription will be done at the respective Government Hospital through the appointment date given by them.

For Perkeso;

  1. Applications will be sent through a Government Hospital through Jabatan Kerja Sosial & Perubatan (JKSP) where the prescription must be prescribed by a Specialist Doctor along with medical records, condition, and reason why the user needs a wheelchair.
  2. JKSP will send the application to the District/State Perkeso office.
  3. The District/State officer will interview the applicant to find out more about the condition of the patient.
  4. After interviewing, the officer will submit the application online using the Perkeso’s iRIS portal where the Case Managers from Pusat Rehabilitasti Tun Abdul Razak, Melaka will open a file and forward the application to respective departments like Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy.
  5. The OT’s or PT’s will go through the applications and sometimes will make a trip to applicants house’s to double check the condition of the patient.
  6. The OT’s or PT’s will decide on which type of equipment and/or wheelchair model through a meeting. This is not necessarily based on the equipment suggested by the Specialist Doctor. 
  7. Once decided on the equipment, Perkeso will post on their iRIS portal for vendors to submit the quotation.
  8. After the closing date for submission, a selection committee will go through each quote and award the tender.
  9. Suppliers will be notified of the tender award and PO will be issued.
  10. The supplier will complete the delivery and advise the patient on how to use the equipment and/or wheelchair.

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