Is it Worth Investing in a High Quality Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a significant investment for you or a loved one with limited mobility. There are various price points when it comes to buying a wheelchair from expensive to cheap wheelchairs. Since it’s such a big purchase, it’s important to find the right one that suits your needs. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to really know if the wheelchair you want to buy is worth the investment.

How often do you need to use your wheelchair?

When you see the price of a wheelchair for the first time, you might think that it’s expensive. But you need to remember that a good wheelchair will last five to ten years, depending on how frequently they’re used and where they’re primarily used. You can also keep in mind how many days  a week you will be using your wheelchair. If the answer is everyday then it’s probably  worth investing in a high quality wheelchair that  has more adjustable options compared to a cheaper wheelchair.

How does your body feel when sitting in a wheelchair?

Nearly a quarter of respondents to a survey by the spinal cord injury charity BackUp had to buy a second wheelchair because the first one was just too  uncomfortable. That is why before you purchase a wheelchair, we recommend that you sit in it so you can see how comfortable the chair is. Comfort is priceless, choosing the right and fit wheelchair for your body and needs is very important.

Avoid choosing an unknown (and potentially cheaper) brand when buying your wheelchair.You may end up spending more money to purchase a second wheelchair since the first one was uncomfortable or even worse, caused  you to develop a second injury

A high quality wheelchair manufacturer will take the time and effort to understand what makes a wheelchair safe and comfortable for the user. For example; KARMA’s patented S-Ergo Seating System evenly distributes the user’s seating pressure. Whereas a standard seating system forces the user’s seating pressure to be focused on 2 points of the user’s buttocks. This leads to skin damage and infection.

KARMA’s patented S-Ergo ergonomic seating system evenly distributes
weight and pressure

How does the latest technology keep you safe?

For the benefit of people who are physically challenged, wheelchairs are built using the latest in wheelchair technology. Some designs enhance mobility for outdoor environments while others address compatibility to allow users to travel comfortably in tight spaces.  High quality  wheelchairs manufacturers focus on providing comfort and safety for the users who can spend many hours in a wheelchair at a time. 

What will happen to you if the wheelchair breaks?

Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of investing in your  wheelchair, you can think about what would happen if your wheelchair were to break. Is there an after sales service from the wheelchair manufacturer or dealer? Or a guaranteed warranty for the investment you made? Knowing these answers ahead of your purchase will  help you decide on whether it’s worth investing in a wheelchair, and avoid getting stuck with a poor quality or faulty product.  KARMA Malaysia offers 5 years warranty for all of our wheelchairs.

We’re here to help

Here is our final piece of advice: some people may be eligible for a government subsidy which we recommend discussing with your therapist or a KARMA representative. If you need further advice about which wheelchair is best for you to invest in, KARMA Malaysia is always here to assist. Talk to a KARMA representative today! 

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