What is the Difference Between Small and Large Rear Wheels on Your Wheelchair?

People with limited mobility due to aging, illness, accidents or disabilities are frequently assisted by wheelchairs. Therefore, the wheelchair can be viewed as a second pair of legs for the user, making selecting the fit wheelchair is important.

KARMA’s Ergo Lite with small rear wheel and large rear wheel

In choosing a fit wheelchair, the rear wheel plays an important role. What is the purpose of the rear wheel in a wheelchair? It gave the wheelchair stability and also the ability to do manual propulsion. In the market of manual wheelchair, we can divide the wheelchair into 2 groups. The large rear wheel or small rear wheel. Large rear wheels are for self-propelled users, and small rear wheel wheelchairs are for those who require someone to push them around (caregiver/family). Some say that a large rear wheel wheelchair is better than a small rear wheel because it is stronger and more stable. But, it actually all depends on your lifestyle and what you need.

Advantages and disadvantages of wheelchairs with large and small rear wheel

+ Advantages of a large rear wheel wheelchair:

Users can push the wheelchair themselves

Easier to navigate in rough terrain: grass, uneven road.

Rear wheel can be removed for convenient transportation/storage

– Weakness:

Heavier wheelchair

It takes a lot of effort to lift and carry the car

Bigger storage space


+ Advantages of a small rear wheel wheelchair:

Ideal for elderly caregivers (lighter weight)

Easier to navigate in small spaces; apartment buildings, elevators, etc.

Smaller storage space


Users cannot push themselves

Harder to navigate in rough terrain


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